"More Beautiful Than Any Other": Quilts from the OSV Collection, 1790-1850

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     Quilting has a long history in New England, from the earliest wholecloth quilts to brightly patterned pieced quilts.  Making quilted items was a practical way for women to create warm garments and bedcoverings.  Quilting allowed rural New England women to express their skill, taste and creativity.  Each quilt is as unique as the woman who made it.  Whether demonstrating continuity with English traditions or creating a distinctly New England style, quilts provide an insight into the lives and tastes of New England women.

     The quilts in this exhibition represent a range of styles that were popular in New England during the early years of the republic.  Many factors influenced quilt fashions during this period.  The industrial revolution, improved transportation and changing trends in urban taste all had a profound effect on the popularity of quilting styles in rural New England.

     The Old Sturbridge Village Collectors' Forum is scheduled for April 30th, 2011 and will focus on quilts in New England with lectures, demonstrations and a selection of quilts from the Old Sturbridge Village Collection on display.  For more information on this program visit http://www.osv.org/collectors

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